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March 06, 2008



Please ring the pct that oversee's the hospital, you need to report this.


I have just cried reading that,so god knows how you must have felf.Good on you for standing up to those horrible people.That poor old lady,probably many more like her as well.You can and should take it higher,they will listen to you and i hope you get well soon btw xx
We need more people like you in this world xxxx


As soon as my friend is well enough she totally intends to do this but we felt that raising awareness while she was recovering would help.
I don't want it swept under a carpet and if enough people read what she saw then it can't be.


That is so upsetting... none of them should be doing that job as it sounds like they don't have an ounce of compassion between them. I hope something comes of this and they get brought down a peg or two.


Please go ahead and make the complaint to the hospital. These are the sort of people who give good nurses a bad name. She may well have said that she is the registered nurse and that she is the one who will be believed but this does not make her teflon coated. She has a responsability to her patients regardless of how old they are or how confused they are and a bad example to students under her mentorship.
There are ways in dealing with confused elderly patient and this was not, nor should be one of them. Please! please make your complaint. it is the only way to stamp this sort of behaviour out.


I cannot believe what I have just read. I am in tears from reading this. You're friend is a complete Angel, if only the world was filled with more like her. Please, please report this - is this not supposed to be the caring profession? xx


Words cannot describe how upsetting this incident is :-(. This must be reported. That poor lady.


done :/


Helen Whittaker

Absolutely appalling, so so upset by this - something has to be done. :(

Toniann Harwood

Disgusting, just imagine if they are doing that in front of other patients what goes on behind the makes me shudder.I sincerely hope that this is going to be followed up as i would hate to think that that poor poor lady could be a relative of anyone of us.....


This is has really upset me. I hope your friend is well enough soon to report this. I hope that poor lady wasn't on that ward for doesn't bear thinking about.

Kenneth Jardine

I am so disheartened by what I have just read. I was Registered Nurse working at Ipswich Hospital about a year and a half ago. I am also a Christian. I cannot believe the behaviour that you describe. I am sure with myself that i would at least have shown some kindness towards her, and not got anywhere near bullying.
I might add that most nurses try to mean well, but there are exceptions. Still, it should not have happened.
I have moved onto other things myself. I hope that this kind of thing is stopped at the hospital.
Personally, I would have had a serious word with the nurse, if I was in management, threatening her job unless it improves.

Lee Sylvester

To be honest, I'm actually not surprised by the actions of those nurses, although I disagree with them as much as any of you.

My wife had been in hospital numerous times over recent years (eye operations, child labour) and we've witnessed all sorts. Before my wife lost her eye sight, she too was a nurse, and she would tell me stories of what went on in hospitals, particularly the local childrens hospital and a couple of mental disability hospitals that she worked in for a short while. It seems to me, that due to all the cut backs and changes the government is making, a lot of nurses that stay on nursing aren't the kind that do so for considerate reasons, or that they used to be caring, but have become disgruntled and turned to bullying following the same treatment from our government. Not all nurses, of course...

My advice would be to bring back Hospital Matrons. Give all staff, whether nurse or doctor, male or female, a stiff dressing down on a daily basis. This sort of thing never would have happened in recent decades, and it seems to me that without some form of almost militant supervision, this kind of ridiculous behaviour will happen!


Sad story for sure should not hapen to anyone anywhere, but welcome to the real world...


Mario - I hope you never have to suffer the indignity that the woman in question did. Sure, it's the 'real' world but none of us have to stand for it? Unless you're too weak to stand up to bullying?


Those are the types of people you would like to see go to jail and be treated the same way as they treat others. Similarly people that abuse animals should do jail time, then they can all abuse each other.


Greetings, I feel terribly sorry for that old lady. I had been a health care assistant in the same hospital for about 5 years now and is now finishing my nurse training in just a few months. Never in my career as a health worker that I have seen such behaviour. But if what you say is right and honest I do agre with you that such nurses should have a proper disciplinary action because not only they are giving bad example to their students but they are a disgrace to the profession. Personally, nursing is a very hard profession comparing it to others but what put me to do my training as a nurse is the love to look after my fellow human beings regardless of wher they com from, race, color or nationality. Nursing is a noble job and let us keep it that way! Treat people the way you want them to treat you!!!!

trudy smith

I am now in my last year as a student nurse qualifing in a few months. I can honestly say i have never seen any treatment like this towards patients and i agree it is discusting! what if it was there grandmother???? poor lady. this gives the majority of us a bad name.A complaint must be made to PALS at the hospital they deal with complaints, phone the main hospital line and ask to be put through to pals.I do know the ward you are talking about i was there on my last student nurse placement, I loved the staff and thought they all did a fantastic job and can honestly say i never saw any of this behaviour! i'm not defending this behaviour at all, just simply saying i have never whitnessed this. As you are not better i think you need to go to A&E,explain you dont want to go back to this assessment unit because of previous bad experience and the ent team may assess you there and decide what they can do. There is an ent nurse practioner on duty most of the time and i've had the pleasure of working with them i can say they are all very nice, and very knowledgable nurses. good luck


REPORT THIS. I'm truly shocked and horrified by this. :(
These people should not be allowed to work in care!!

Norelle Cottee

This situation and any situation similar to this regarding patient care MUST be reported in writing to the Hospital administrators and copied to the constituency's MP, just for good measure BY ANYONE - that means,YOU!! I assure everybody that the Hospital administrators will appreciate having something in their hands that they can do something about, thats their job and they DO CARE about PATIENT CARE, so write that letter. We ALL have a duty of care. The patient who witness this event needs help too. The whole situation is diabolical. The cause should be identified and effectively erradicated. As sadly, this type of mal-practice is not an isolated issue and if left unchallenged WILL get worse and the next victim will be another little old lady, our Mother, our children and us. St/Nurse, Anglia Ruskin University, Mental Health.

Charlie Barnes

My grandma died in
Ipswich Hospital a couple of years ago. She only went in as her diabetes needed stabilising. She was subjected to weeks of neglect and deteriated so badly that she died in that god forsaken hole. I have never in my life seen such neglect, filth and squallor and I have travelled all over the world. She was not even helped to eat, her false teeth were not cleaned or even given to her so she could not eat and as the staff could not be bothered to help her she literally wasted away. My mum did what she could during visiting hours but as she was the mother of my deceased father we had no right to remove her. Complaints were not dealt with and one male nurse was pure evil itself, preying on and treating the older patients with malice. I would never allow myself or any other loved one to go to that place and quite frankly it should be closed down as the problems are obviously out of control.


HI!! i would like to say i am a careworker, i have been working for NHS now arround 2 years.I must say in all this time i,ve had meet more unprofesional nurses than profesional onces, at the moment im going trought a process, because i reported to the ward sister one of the nights i was eft alone with out help from nurses,and what heppened now the nurses are making my life HELL . i had sometime off of work but noe im frigthing to go back.

OVERALL: I found very poor intervention from ward sisters, to solt out problems like that.

and the answer i have got back was IM GETTING PARANOID ....?.

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I assure everybody that the Hospital administrators will appreciate having something in their hands that they can do something about.

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