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January 02, 2007



If you and Paul fancy a day out in the smoke, you could drop Toby at ours, go in to town, come back for some food/drink and then head home :)

Otherwise, we really need to meet up soon xx


Thanks Miss N. Might just have to try and sort that out for end of Jan time.



I could really do with going home about now please. Work is sucking today.


A good friend of mine suddenly became *very* catholic when pregnant as the only decent PRIMARY school in the area was a Catholic one, and you had to put in the hours with the nuns from the word go to stand a chance of getting a place.


You need to come and dance with skinny indie boys who kiss boys at Popstarz. Unlikely I know but it would be fun :-)

Relly Annett-Baker

Trixie: alas, I fear my days of doing such things have gone but if the universe ever aligns itself so I can, I'll be right there!!!


I am dying to go to this though in Brighton :

So when I do, hopefully we can manage a few drinks or a family friendly dinner before hand :)

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